For Teachers

What do we do?

Code 4 Community works to help the community around us through computer science. For the past four years, we have been going to schools and after school programs to present our program to students. The students in Code 4 Community volunteer their time to develop games and learning programs that makes learning the basics of computer science fun for students!


  • How do I get C4C workshops at my school?

    Reach out to us! Our email is Please include the school name and the grade level of your students!

  • What grade levels can attend a C4C workshop?

    The current lesson plans we have work best for 5th grade to 8th grade, but we are working on expanding to more grade levels. Depending on the situation, however, we may be able to adapt the lesson plans to older or younger students.

  • What do your lesson plans consist of?

    Our lesson plans are made of a few pieces (depending on the amount of time allocated to the workshops):

    • An explanation of what Code 4 Community does
    • An overview of how computer science fits into the student's daily life
    • An overview of the game or learning tool that they students will be using
    • Teach the students computer science principles through the game or learning tool
    • Next steps if the student is interested in learning more about computer science
    Checkout some of our current and past games on our homepage!